The Divine Cliffs

Is it true what you are saying? And what really matters? Is it my future? Is it the world? Humans… I am watching the restless waves now. What do they say? It is like a memory and I have seen it before but do not remember. It is just a reminiscent vision, something sketchy, or maybe the inexperienced past of mine. It is whispering… It is speaking… It is screaming… But I cannot understand it.

Why? What are you telling me, dear sea? The tides of forgotten recollections are washing my soul, still not comprehending, still not beloved and loving, still where it always was. Talk to me, waves of my being! Seek me! After so many days of lost promises and forsaken dreams I am still here. Sitting on this wistful cliff I still anticipate you in suspense. Why is it so hard to understand you? Why is it so hard to understand myself? Only if I knew what to do now… But I have never known. What are you saying to me, silent waves? What are you saying?

So much is hidden there - beyond the stars. So many other worlds. Future. And another. Outside. And another. And me. The infinitesimal thing whose everlasting confusion cannot  be perished. But, sea, is this all outside me or is it deeply inside? Is this all just my invention, a fictitious fantasy or is it real? Why are there only questions with no answers? Why do I only hear the sighs of your collides with these sleepy cliffs? So much unrecognized and disguised beauty and so much mystery in it. And I am a mere child that is lost between the earth and the sea of imminent days.