The cave of treasures

Imagine you have been given the rarest of opportunities to enter a cave deep in a remote land full of treasures seen and unseen. However, you are given one condition - you have to only take one thing. Which one would it be? And can you even make a good decision? I mean, the cave contains an endless vastness of choices, most of which you don't even know much of and nobody could tell you which one to pick.

If you knew the right treasure to choose, the one that will fulfill your life, of course you would run right to it and take all of it and nothing more. You would focus your energy on that one precious object and capitalize on it. But as you don't know and you want to make the best investment of your effort given the uncertainty perhaps you would suggest a wise diversification and ask to get a tiny bit of every treasure, the grand total being of value no greater than the treasure you are allowed to take. If course, that might not even premissible and at best you would end up carrying a finite amount of precious lumps trying to approximate what the cave could offer. So either way you end up hoping that your choice somehow ends up being the right one.

Serendipity perhaps? Or perhaps the fact that you live just one life and don't make all the calls. As whatever you would choose, you will choose anyway, and as it can only be one choice, then perhaps it is the right one. There is no other choice to compare with and there will never be. But wait, are you really that special that the treasure you picked given your limited knowledge is not a mere random outcome? A random one can be meaningless, and it can also be just one. And as much as you want to be protected from making a wrong choice and mysteriously taken care of, you may be tossed into the abyss just like that.

So which one to pick? The cave is full of treasures beyond imagining but you have to ponder about your intrinsic values first. You can't even bother about free will because if the determinism of your decision doesn't stem from your rationality, given to you by the world and all that makes sense, then it stems from your randomness, or inadequate denial of either by the other. So perhaps you just let go and let the treasure happen to you but would grab on any opportunity to object to the status quo and find a better way?

Pushing the doubts and questions to an unattainable time horizon promises eternal potential that will never come to fruition but will also never have to be properly examined. It is a way to believe but not to enact. Therefore, you could follow along and take a treasure that you would never fully reveal to yourself or to others? A mystery chest? A fogged orb or a hidden gem? Since your life outside of the cave is short enough it should be possible if not even easy to postpone that long. However, knowing that now it seems you can no longer do it. Such choices can only be part from the partially aware subconscious and your full fresh awareness at this point is their undoing detriment.

All you are left with now is the singularity of your treasure and the unexplorable plurality of your own multitude of selves and paths.