ELOG #53

One day we might all see the programs surrounding us as biochemical processes designed to urge towards universal desires. The supply and demand of their provision is in every advertisement, song or policy, all in complex psychological and societal systems formed by diverse set of biological machines. You may accept or hate to be reduced, you may consider this a demeaning reduction or a glorification of complexity, but it is there and makes all of us desire and some of us think before they follow. I can't help but look around and wonder at all of this: everything we are, everything that happens, all the roles to play and flows of information, the what and then the why. To live in a programmed world and spend a lot of time writing programs is a form of inception that messes with the mind - if only its causality wasn't reversed and code implementation, mathematical deduction, and human interaction weren't all languages to ask the same preceding question. There was always something to reject all the programming clauses of my reality, even when I sense how I am controlled to constantly want certain things and avoid others at all cost and I sense how everyone around me behaves the same. With all of its complications, the rejection is still there and makes the loneliest of us stop amidst the execution of their own goals and keep writing things like this again and again. We are all together in the things we do not understand.