The Elements of Life

Here and now we take our own paths,

We let our day melt in the memories,

The timeless tides that flood our lives,

Our shabby boats to keep us floating,

Until we meet again to say goodbye.


Here and now we meet our destinies,

We cover deeply our volcanic resentment,

The earthquake to knock on our doorways,

Until the time we finally dare to open,

And all our illusions are ruined down.                 


Here and now we take the only step that follows,

Our first and final flight will never wait or ask,

Our little kite will follow the unexplained tornado

It will happen and disappear in the sky,

And we will be there and then let go.


We will burn together brightly, then slowly,

The conflagration of all unneeded things,

The helplessness that comes with wisdom,

The flare of our distant destination,

The element that tore us apart and bound us together.