The Elements of Life

To all close friends from the AUBG class of 2012

Yes, as I mentioned the complexity of this project comes from its directionless progress, but now I realize that after all if I take the Cauchy sequence of its versions I am actually going somewhere.
2012-01-01 03:58:38  

And if you cannot find the beauty from your dreams remember that there is a place of beauty beyond any you could dream about; And if you find it but cannot keep it forever remember that there is a place of eternity where nothing has ever ended; Beauty originates from there, so it is the most beautiful; eternity originates from there, so it is truly infinite. It is beyond beauty and infinity. It is the origin of much more. And you can feel it here in your own life. Remember the only sentence that you need...
2011-06-19 18:36:39  

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